My Burberry Black Perfume

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Part of the My Burberry collection, My Burberry Black is a captivating scent with warm and captivating floral notes. My Burberry Black fuses the scent of sun-drenched jasmine flower and peach nectar with a sensual touch of rose. The iconic rose note at the heart of My Burberry fragrances is given a sweet and inviting candied twist, while rich amber patchouli rounds out the scent for a deep and captivating finish.

My Burberry Black Perfume features the following notes: 

  • Sun-drenched Jasmine, Peach Nectar, Candied Rose, Amber Patchouli

Buy My Burberry for an everyday scent that is both sweet and inviting.


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Burberry My Burberry Black Perfume
My Burberry Black Perfume
$69.99 $49.99