Maximus Smart Security Light


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The MAXIMUS Smart Security Light is aesthetically designed with built-in home security all-in-one. The Smart Security Light detects someone approaching your home, sends a real-time alert, and makes it possible for you to engage in a live conversation or sound an alarm all from your smartphone. The light is easy to install in approximately 15 minutes when replacing an existing light fixture. No extra wiring is required. The light can be turned on and off remotely, you can set it to automatically turn on with dusk-to-dawn mode or set it to activate in response to motion all from your smartphone.


Here are the features of this Smart Security Light broken down: 

  • PIR motion sensor for increased detection accuracy
  • Microphone for high-quality audio capture
  • Dusk-to-dawn light control
  • 3- status LED with selectable display/hide modes
  • 720P HD camera (1160 diagonal FOV)
  • High-fidelity speaker for clear audio and loud alarm siren
  • Security
    • Maximus Smart Security Light focuses on prevention, not detection
    • Talk with visitors, sound a siren, and play pre-recorded messages in real-time.
    • Take immediate action if anything happens at home
    • Constant access to any activity around your home allows you to look after your home around the clock
    • Full 720p HD video capture and playback, even at night
    • See recordings for up to 2 hours after each event
  • Smart
    • Our smart detection technology captures and records activity 10 seconds before an event is triggered, so you get the whole picture of what happens outside of your home
    • You can adjust the motion sensitivity of your device
    • Get instant alerts to your smartphone, so you can see and respond to what’s happening
    • Watch a live stream, playback and download videos
    • Create custom light schedules, use dusk-to-dawn presets, and/or set a separate weekend schedule
    • Compatible with Amazon Alexa. Simply say, “Alexa, turn on the front door light.”
  • Simplicity
    • Easy Installation
    • Use your pre-existing wiring, No additional wires, cables, or drilling required
    • Bluetooth & Wi-Fi enabled
  • Weatherproof
    • Designed to withstand the elements and the test of time


Purchase this Smart Security Light to feel safe and secure in your home without wiring or a complicated installation process.


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Maximus Smart Security Light
Maximus Smart Security Light